Caitlin Warren was an Editorial Intern and contributing writer at Spindle Magazine, for which she also wrote news stories, articles and reviews.

Creative non-fiction:

Growth, Lilith zine, May 2016


Mind Feature: The Dichotomy Between Social Media and Mental Health, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

Outsider Gallery: London’s first  mental health gallery, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

The Mind Feature: Mind Your Head @ Notting Hill Arts Club, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Film reviews:

Moonlight, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

20th Century Women, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

Toni Erdmann, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

Cameraperson, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Manchester by the Sea, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

La La Land, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Passengers, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

Uncle Howard, Spindle Magazine, December 2017

The Eagle Huntress, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

Retrospective Film Review: Fargo, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Paterson, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Retrospective Film Review: Obvious Child, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Arrival, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Retrospective Film Review: Romeo + Juliet, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Nocturnal Animals, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

I, Daniel Blake, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Retrospective Film Review: Victoria, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Chi-Raq, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

‘Tallulah: All About Mothers,’ The F-Word, October 2016

Selected film features and interviews:

Interview with Lesley Barber, composer of ‘Manchester by the Sea,’ Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Alternative Christmas Films, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

Interview with ‘The Eagle Huntress’ director Otto Bell, Spindle Magazine, December 2016

10 Films to Scare You Senseless This Halloween, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

The Best of BFI London Film Festival 2016, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Documentary film ‘Fire at Sea’ Explores Life in the Centre of the Migrant Crisis, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

The Oscars 2016: A Blatant Reflection of Mainstream Cinema’s Problem with Diversity, Rushes Magazine, February 2016

Selected arts interviews:

Interview with Lauren Withrow, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

Interview with Edie Sunday, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Interview with Katie Silvester, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Interview with Frances Cannon, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Interview with Elizabeth Ilsley, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Interview with Nancy Liang, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Interview with illustrator Tallulah Fontaine, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Student Spotlight: Amy Gration, Spindle Magazine, November 2016

Student Spotlight: Maria Mamet, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Interview with illustrator Sam Brewster, Spindle Magazine, October 2016

Selected music features and interviews:

Interview: Alma, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

Interview: The Naked and Famous, Spindle Magazine, February 2017

Interview: The Amazons, Spindle Magazine, January 2017

Interview: Toothless, Spindle Magazine, December 2016